• What if my Driver is late/doesn’t show up?

    Drivers who know they will be late have a responsibility to update the app with the nature and expected length of their delay. If a Driver is more than 30 minutes late without providing a reason in the app, or for a reason that seems suspect, please log in to the app and use our built-in feedback tool to let us know. (Select “Unacceptable Delay” as the reason for feedback.) We will review the delay closely and take such actions as we determine are necessary to prevent similar delays in the future.

    If you suspect your Driver will not show up at all, again, tell us right away! We will reach out to the Driver and take swift action to rectify the problem.

  • What if there’s some other supply chain breakdown?

    It is your Driver’s responsibility to inform you (via the app) of any issues regarding your load – for example, if the supplier will not release the load to the Driver, or the Driver only receives part of the load. If the problem lies with the supplier, it is the User’s responsibility to contact them and come to a satisfactory resolution.

    If a Driver arrives with a damaged, lost, incorrect, or partial load, and did not notify you ahead of time, please use the feedback tool in the app to let us know right away. We can then send the Driver back for a recovery run, or assign a different Driver to your load.

  • Will the Driver load/unload my delivery?

    Not necessarily. Drivers are not contracted to perform cargo lumping (loading and unloading) duties; in addition, some Drivers may not have the physical capacity to help with such work. Therefore, it is QuickPick’s official policy to never require loading or unloading work from our Drivers. The responsibility will be on the supplier at one end, and you (the User) or your crew at the other.

    With that being said, most of our Drivers are glad to pitch in if and when they can, so feel free to ask for a hand – just remember that we do not require them to say “yes.”

  • What if I need a lumper (loading and/or unloading assistant)?

    According to the QuickPick Terms and Conditions, Users—not Drivers—are responsible for loading and unloading cargo. Users may request lumpers on a per-job basis by contacting QuickPick directly; there will be an extra cost to contract lumpers for a job. If you or your supplier will need lumpers to help load and/or unload cargo, it is your responsibility to let QuickPick know at the time you place the order.

  • What if the Driver won’t deliver my load?

    In most cases, this is the result of a load being unsuitable for the Driver’s vehicle. It is the Driver’s responsibility to notify you and QuickPick (via the app), so that you know what has happened, and we can assign a Driver with a vehicle more suited to the dimensions and/or weight of the load in question. This is why it is important to provide as accurate a size and weight estimate as possible when delivering a load with the QuickPick app.

    In addition, we strictly disallow delivery of hazardous materials, live animals, and certain other goods via the QuickPick service. (See ((What kinds of loads can I have delivered?)) for the entire list.) If a Driver is asked to deliver a prohibited load, we expect them to refuse; in such a case, we will not be able to deliver the load for you.

    In rare cases, a Driver may refuse to deliver a load despite it being non-hazardous and suited to their vehicle. In such an instance, we will assign a different Driver to your load right away, and take appropriate action(s) regarding the refusing Driver’s decision.

  • Can I have hazardous materials delivered with QuickPick?

    No. Our terms expressly forbid the use of our service to transport such specialized goods. See ((What kinds of loads can I have delivered?)) for a more detailed explanation of our restrictions. Knowingly requesting delivery of a hazardous or otherwise-prohibited load through QuickPick is a violation of our Terms of Service.No. Our terms expressly forbid the use of our service to transport such specialized goods. See ((What kinds of loads can I have delivered?)) for a more detailed explanation of our restrictions. Knowingly requesting delivery of a hazardous or otherwise-prohibited load through QuickPick is a violation of our Terms of Service.

  • What if I get a rude or unprofessional Driver?

    Please log in to the app after your interaction is complete, navigate to our feedback tool, and report a problem under the “Driver conduct issue” category. You can also leave the Driver a critical review, which will help warn other Users about your experience. (Please be clear about your bad experience in your review, but refrain from making personal attacks on the Driver if possible.)

  • What if there is an accident during delivery?

    We advise our Drivers to prioritize their own health and safety above everything else in the event of an auto accident during delivery. Unfortunately, in some cases, this can mean severely delayed notifications for our Users. Once we know what has happened, you will receive an update in the app right away. If the load is intact, we will retrieve it and deliver it when we are able; otherwise, you may have to file a claim on your shipping insurance.

    As usual, if a Driver is unexpectedly or unacceptably late, please use the feedback tool in the QuickPick app to let us know. If we later find that a traffic accident was the reason for the delay, we will provide you with an update at that time.

  • Is my cargo insured during delivery?

    It is the User’s responsibility to purchase shipping insurance for each load handled by QuickPick. We strongly recommend you insure all such loads, for your own peace of mind. QuickPick does not provide insurance coverage for loads delivered with our service.

  • What if the Driver is injured while on site?

    Drivers are not required to help Users load or unload their cargo, but many are glad to do so anyway. It is the Driver’s personal responsibility to stay safe during the course of their work. If they are injured as a result of lifting or carrying cargo, they assume responsibility for said injury. If they are injured for some other reason (i.e., falling debris), then normal worksite liability laws apply. Please ensure your Driver is wearing all required safety gear for your worksite before letting them help load or unload anything.

  • I have another question or issue. How do I get help?

    QuickPick provides support staff to help answer your questions and resolve issues on a per-case basis. If you require our assistance, we can be reached by phone, by email, or through the Contact Us form on our website and app.



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