• What if I need help using the app or the site?

    QuickPick recommends that people who have trouble interacting with our products use whatever assistance they need. Depending on your needs, resources such as translation or text-to-speech tools may be available for free online. If you have support workers who help you with day to day tasks, please speak with them about your options.

    If you have general questions about the app, the site, or QuickPick in general, please feel free to call or contact our Support team online for clarification.

  • What if I have other accessibility concerns about QuickPick?

    QuickPick endeavors in good faith to comply with all rules and regulations regarding the use of its service by disabled persons. If you are concerned that our site, app, or service may have unnecessary barriers to such use, please contact us and let us know right away! We want to be sure that QuickPick is available and easy to use for everyone who wants to use it.

  • ADA compliance statement

    QuickPick, LLC makes every effort to comply with all relevant rules and regulations outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (“the ADA”), to the extent required by law. QuickPick, LLC does not discriminate in any hiring, training, disciplinary, or day-to-day work capacity based on disability or disabled status. In cases where reasonable workplace accommodations may be required for persons with disabilities, QuickPick, LLC will endeavor to make such accommodations, in accordance with the ADA and related federal laws and regulations.



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