• What exactly does QuickPick do?

    We contract with Drivers to serve the same-day needs of local businesses who find that they need additional materials to complete the day’s work (our “Users”). Our Drivers serve businesses ranging from flooring installers to florists and more. Our app makes it easy for such professionals (“Users”) to request fast delivery from a fleet of independent shipping agents (“Drivers”). As a Driver, you’ll use the app to acquire loads for delivery and get them to worksites in a timely manner.

  • What are the minimum work requirements to make deliveries using the QuickPick app?

    At a minimum, QuickPick requires the following from Drivers:

    1. Previous driving experience with the vehicle(s) you intend to use for work

    2. Previous driving experience in the Washington, D.C. metro area

    3. Flexible availability, particularly during daytime hours when most of our clients are working

    4. A friendly, courteous, and professional attitude

    5. Valid vehicle registration and inspection, and adequate insurance for package delivery work

    6. A valid U.S. driver’s license

    7. A recent copy of your official DMV driving history (generated no more than 30 days before the date of your application)

    In addition, if you would like to deliver using your cargo van, box truck, or flatbed, we will require:

    1. Proof of your current CDL (commercial driver’s license)

    2. A copy of your DOT (Department of Transportation) number

    Each Driver is responsible for providing their own adequate insurance coverage. This responsibility is not QuickPick’s. In addition, QuickPick will not be held responsible or liable for any accident, delay, injury, or other mishap that occurs while engaged in QuickPick-related contract work. In plain English, this means we expect our Drivers to be responsible for their own safety and well-being while on the job.(uber offers supplemental insurance we need to offer and see if we can monetize this)

  • Is my vehicle eligible for delivering loads with QuickPick?

    QuickPick expects Drivers to keep their work vehicle(s) in good working order at all times. If your vehicle is chronically unreliable, it may be a poor fit for our service. Of course, such a judgment call is outside of our purview, but we do collect as much official information on your vehicle’s quality and usefulness as we can reasonably acquire.

    QuickPick requires the following from every Driver who signs up with us:

    1. A current and valid driver’s license

    2. A current DMV driving history (generated no more than 30 days before the date of your application)

    3. Current and valid insurance for each vehicle you plan to use for QuickPick deliveries

    - Note that delivering loads with the QuickPick app may require more insurance coverage than is normally required to operate a personal vehicle. Check with your insurer before applying to drive with us.

    4. Current and valid vehicle registration in in the Driver’s name

    5. Copy vehicle inspection report- where applicable.

    If you and your vehicle can meet the above requirements, then you are eligible to be a Driver.

  • Is my standard auto insurance enough to drive with QuickPick?

    It may or may not be. It is each Driver’s personal responsibility to check with their insurance agent and ensure that their coverage is adequate.

  • As a Driver, what steps will I follow for a load?

    QuickPick specializes in same-day delivery of small and medium-sized loads to local businesses, typically providing them with supplemental materials they require for their own work. We have streamlined the process to be as simple as possible for our Drivers:

    1. A load will be matched to the size of your work vehicle, and offered for delivery.

    2. Once you accept the load, you will drive to the business that is supplying the load.

    3. The load will be placed in your vehicle.(Use your judgement a small box will not be loaded into your vehicle)

    4. The app will generate a suggested route. Using the route as your guide, you will drive the load from the supplier to the User’s worksite.

    5. The User will unload the load from your vehicle, or curbside delivery will apply for smaller packages.

    6. You will enter the app and mark the delivery as completed.

    That’s all there is to it!

  • What is QuickPick’s delivery area?

    QuickPick serves local businesses in the D.C. metro area with on-site deliveries. We do not currently serve any other markets. Please review the map below for our exact delivery area.

  • As a Driver, do I need to provide a Bill of Lading?

    Not always. You will confirm receipt of each load in the QuickPick app, often eliminating the need to issue a paper Bill of Lading. However, if a supplier or User requests that a Bill of Lading be filled out for their own records, you must do so. Suppliers will typically provide their own papers to fill out and sign in such cases.

  • What will Users expect from me as a Driver?

    We warrant that all QuickPick Drivers will be friendly, professional in appearance and behavior, and timely in their work. Treat the work, and each User, with respect and courtesy, and you will find delivering with the QuickPick app both profitable and enjoyable.

    At times, Users may request additional assistance from Drivers. Technically speaking, QuickPick Drivers are not required to help load or unload cargo from their vehicles, but in cases where it is feasible for you to do so, you may find that extending a bit of extra courtesy in that regard goes a long way towards keeping Users happy with your service. Use your best judgment, and do not engage in any activity which could endanger your health or safety. Remember, QuickPick is not liable for anything that happens to your vehicle or your person while you are working.

  • How do I use the app effectively?

    The QuickPick app is designed to support Drivers at each step of the process. For a typical delivery run, you will interact with the app in the following ways:

    1. Log in to the app and acquire a job.

    2. Confirm receipt of your shipment from the supplier.

    3. Acquire an efficient route to your destination.

    4. Confirm arrival and offloading of the shipment to the User.

    5. Close out the job.

    In addition, you can check your job history, rate of pay, and accrued earnings in the app, as well as your average star rating (based on what our Users think of your work). If you need additional help, or have questions, you can even reach out to QuickPick’s support staff directly through the app.

  • What if there’s a problem?

    If you run into a problem during the course of your QuickPick work, we are here to help. Start by reviewing the “Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns” section of our Help guide (online or in the app). If you are unable to find the answers you need, please call or contact our support staff.



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