• I have a disability. Can I still deliver with QuickPick?

    Yes! In keeping with the ruling of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Flynn vs. Distinctive Home Care, Inc. (No. 15-50314, February 2016), QuickPick is glad to contract work to people who can meet our requirements on an ongoing basis, regardless of physical, emotional, developmental, or other disability. QuickPick will endeavor to make reasonable accommodations for Drivers with a disability who feel they need such accommodations. People with disabilities who can perform the work required of the position (with or without supports/accommodation) will be considered for contract work without prejudice.

    If you think you can perform the duties of the job, but you are not sure, please check our Work Requirements, and call or email us if you have any questions.

  • What if I need help using the app or site?

    QuickPick recommends that people who have trouble interacting with our products use whatever assistance they need. If you believe that such assistance may be considered an accommodation for a disability as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact us directly to further discuss the matter before spending resources on it – we cannot guarantee assistance without first knowing the details of what will be required. If you have general questions about the app, the site, or QuickPick in general, please feel free to call or e-mail our Support team for clarification.

  • What are the physical requirements of the work?

    Delivering loads with QuickPick requires the following physical abilities:

    1. The ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

    2. The ability to write legibly, and sign one’s name.

    3. The ability to sit in a sedentary position for periods of up to four hours (while driving).

    Per our Terms and Conditions, Drivers are not required to stand, stoop, lift, turn, or otherwise interact with the loads they deliver. Loading and unloading cargo is the responsibility of the User, not the Driver.

  • ADA Compliance Statement

    QuickPick, LLC makes every effort to comply with all relevant rules and regulations outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), to the extent required by law. QuickPick, LLC does not discriminate in any hiring, contracting, training, disciplinary, or day-to-day work capacity based on disability or disabled status. In cases where reasonable workplace accommodations may be required for persons with disabilities, QuickPick, LLC will endeavor to make such accommodations, in accordance with the ADA and related federal laws and regulations.



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