• How much does QuickPick pay?

    We pride ourselves on offering a competitive per-delivery rate to Drivers who deliver with the QuickPick app. The rate changes depending on the size of the load, the size of your vehicle, and whether or not you are driving with a CDL (commercial driver’s license). In addition, there is a standard per-mile reimbursement for fuel that is not counted as a part of Driver pay.

    Below you will find QuickPick’s basic, standard payment structure. Rates may change over time, based on factors including customer satisfaction and seasonality, so always check the app for your actual current rate.

    Again, remember that these rates may change. It is each Driver’s responsibility to check the app for their most accurate rate of pay.

  • How often will I get paid?

    QuickPick typically pays Drivers by ACH deposit. We find this is the easiest and most reliable payment method for the vast majority of our Drivers. In order to minimize fees associated with this type of payment, payment is made once every 14 days, starting from the date of your first delivery. For simplicity’s sake, non-ACH payment methods (when used) are also limited to once every 14 days.

  • What payment options do I have?

    QuickPick prefers to pay Drivers by direct bank account deposit, also known as ACH deposit or EFT. If you will require another method of payment, we may be able to accommodate you. Please contact us directly at the time you are contracted as a Driver to review what options are available.

  • What if there’s a payment problem?

    If you have trouble receiving a payment, or you think a payment did not post to your bank account, please call or email our Support team right away. Remember, payments post once every 28 days at most.

  • What about tolls and similar fees?

    QuickPick will reimburse normal toll road and parking fee costs for Drivers, as a part of their normal operating cost. Keep track of any such fees and enter them in the appropriate box when closing out a job. We will compare your total to our estimate (based on publicly available toll and fee rates, cross-referenced with your route); claims that seem exorbitant may be investigated more closely, so keep any receipts you are given.



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