Started in 2017, QuickPick is an on-demand delivery service for the construction industry serving the DC Metro region. We know it happens all the time – your project is held up by a missing part or you were delivered the wrong materials. Or you’re a supplier and you don’t have a truck available, but your customer is in desperate need for a product – today. Staying on time and on budget is paramount in the construction business.

The idea of QuickPick was sparked because our owner – Noel Ayala – saw a need. A need that his own company encountered. Noel is the founder, owner, and president of Brother's Mechanical, Inc. (BMI) – a North America-based, international mechanical services company and leading HVAC contractor. He saw that his employees were often scrambling to get a necessary part or sending skilled labor to make an hours-long supply run, slowing down the job and creating overall inefficiencies. However, there was no easy way to get these materials in an on-demand fashion. To fill this void, Noel began QuickPick to deliver materials directly to contractors and suppliers in a faster, easier, and more reliable way.

QuickPick’s leadership team have more than 40 years of combined construction experience. Our goal is to get customers the material they need within hours, directly on to their location, in an on-demand fashion. You can order a driver using our app, online platform or by calling us, so the process is fast, simple and straightforward. And most importantly, QuickPick saves you valuable man hours and precious budget dollars.


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